Art is thought

Art springs from thought. Thought engenders thinking and expands it. We need to make our mind aware that we are part of nature and universal life with the highest mind acting as one whole or as one great being. The noblest part of awareness is in the field of art and is closest to this […]

Your First Time Hanging Out with Squirrly’s Live Assistant

This article has been 100% optimized using Squirrly’s Optimization Assistant, which means both Google and human readers will love it! But if you were to delete the words “live assistant” from the title thus also changing the permalink, that would no longer be the case. Go ahead, try it right now. (Yes, go ahead! It’s made for […]

Seed sower allegory

We don’t yet know what happened before, the chicken or egg, the seed or the tree. Maybe a sower? If you want to sow beautifully and well you have to have a nice idea in advance, a nice word, a good seed and also a well-prepared soil for growth. What about the sower? Of course […]

Sower seed allegory

Sower seed allegory “Finding the real in the unreal is always a beautiful experience because you enter the world of thought and touch the Living Idea, which is present in every seed as a life that combines real and good with the beautiful and the sublime.“Introducing into this incomprehensibility – the idea of the spirit […]

Art is wonderful

SPIRIT is wonderful! ART ALWAYS EXPRESSES SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL AND SPIRITUAL. It is nothing in itself if no man is present. But to be fulfilled feels arts there must be three. Only in this way is it fully expressed. The first two are man – man and the third is the spirit from which everything comes and […]

Lucifer bringer (lights)

covid-19 news

The covid-19 virus has stopped the world The covid-19 virus has stopped the world and at the same time most connected the world in human history. For the first time, all the nations of the world are becoming united in many ways. We are connected like never before. Maybe this is also the right time […]

art sower

New revelation through ART SOWER

  New revelation through ARTSOWER Artistic creations in spirit are sublime WHY ART SOWER? Because he really is an artist above artists as he creates vivid images that are aware of their picturesqueness. WHO IS THIS artsower? THE ONE WHO SOWS OR THE ONE WHO MAKES THE SEED? The first probable seed from the idea, […]

A world explorer

HUMAN – emotion and mind

Feeling Our Emotions – Scientific American MIND: Professor Damasio, why are you so fascinated by the nature of human emotion? Antonio R. Damasio: At first I was interested in all types of neurological  … Human – emotion and mind LEADS TO GOOD ART Human is a creature of incredible abilities of mind and emotions, who […]

What is it ART? Art is the language of the soul.

What is it ART?

Fine art america reviews artsower is seeds for you!   What is it art? Art is an emotion! She is a desire!   Definition:everyArt is the desire of the spirit to, through the language of the soul, give what is visible in signs, images, or clearly defined forms. With language the innermost state of the […]

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